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We just returned from a five day trip to Jackson, Wyoming.  We had planned to be there for the Elk Fest and Auction.  We missed the Elk Antler auction because of weather.  Ice and snow had shut down I 80 for two days. We finally got through on Saturday but missed the auction. 

The drive to Jackson was beautiful.  The sky was covered with white billowing clouds against a deep blue sky and the air was fresh from the recent storm with a scent of sage.  As we travelled North from Rock Springs we sighted a sea of white bobbing up and down in the sage brush.  We pulled over and much to our delight it was a large group of sheep somewhere around a 1,000 would be my estimate.  They were being herded to another pasture by three sheep herders on horse back.  Along with them were additional horses, six Border Collies, and three Pyrenees dogs. It was amazing to watch them command the Border Collies by whistling.  Each whistle designated a different move.  The Great Pyrenees were there to guard the herd from coyote's and other predators they did not assist in directing the movement of the sheep. 

Upon arriving home I did some research and found the sheep herders were from Peru.  They acquired three year Visas and worked the sheep 365 days a year.  They lived in the field in tents and were brought supplies by the Rancher every few months who hired them.  One article I read said they were paid between 7-8 thousand dollars a year.  They sent this home to their families who used it for their daily living and saved the rest to educate their children. It was a great Photo Opportunity as I was able to follow them for about 30 minutes before they went out of range.

Over the course of the next few days we toured a few galleries, had picnic lunches at some of our favorite viewing spots, attended the annual Chili cook off  and shot both scenic and wildlife photography. We were able to locate a few bears this trip which is always a treat.  I will be posting images under a separate category called "Teton Spring Trip 2017".  If interested go to the Main Menu and click on" All Photographs" then click on Teton Spring trip 2017.  As always thanks for viewing my website.





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