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Well its that time of year again to pack up and head North.  We will be heading to Jackson, Wyoming for the final weekend of the 33rd Annual art show.  On the way we will be on the look out for opportunities to photograph whatever crosses our path.  After the show we will be staying in the area to photograph the fall color, wildlife and visit with old friends. Looks like the weather will be changing to include rain, snow, sun, and freezing night temperatures.  This could have a positive affect for some great photography and reduce the fires that are burning in the West and also reduce the smoke in the area.

The event we enjoy the most is the "Annual Jackson Hole QuickDraw Art Sale & Auction'' which will be held on the 16th of September.  The show takes place in Washington Park in the center of town. Each artist starts with a blank canvas and has 90 minutes to create a painting. This one of a kind artwork will then be auctioned off as soon as the event ends. Also surrounding the park is the last Farmers Market of the season which includes great baked goods etc..  Then on the 17th the Art Brunch Gallery Walk is held.  The galleries open their doors and provide finger foods and beverages and the opportunity to meet the various artist.  All in all its a great weekend that we have enjoyed for the past 20 years. If your interested in this event you can find information by contacting the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce at or call 307 733 3316 for information.  We  book at least 10 months in advance for lodging.   

I have included a few images from previous trips of the surrounding area in this post.  Hopefully on our return we will have new images to post.  Fall is a beautiful time of the year no matter where you are.  Wishing you safe travel and a good season.





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